Sea Anemone Collection

Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the ocean's seascapes each piece is hand carved and cast in 18 karat gold, featuring gemstones and pearls in a dazzling spectrum of colors. 

Coral Reef Collection.jpg

The Pussy Willow Collection

Cast from willow branches into 18 karat gold, set with Tahitian and South Sea pearls evocative of the flora's flower buds.


The Coral Collection

Vibrant gemstones, Persian turquoise and Japanese Kasumi pearls are hand set into 18 karat gold. Part of the "Too Precious to Wear" coral conservation campaign the collection is inspired by, not derived from, our ocean's most beautiful living creature and important natural resource.


The Gauguin Pearl

Extraordinary in color and size, the Tahitian Pearl is the center piece nestled in a distinctive setting glittering with over 2 ct of diamonds.


The Iceland Collection

 Sterling Silver cast from flora picked while visiting this otherworldly island, set with black diamonds and cool hued gemstones reminiscent of lava rocks and blue glaciers