About Kimberlin

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Gravitating toward the beauty in nature, my passion is revealed through the organic shapes and rare gemstones I use in my designs. From the shimmering sea below to the starry galaxies above, my jewelry embodies a reverence for natural aesthetics.

'I began at a young age collecting and sketching  natural elements found on walks in the woods and along the seashores in Connecticut where I grew up. During my formal training in fine arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art and The Art Institute of Chicago I discovered my passion for sculpture and working with precious metals. I continued studying in Europe; while traveling in Copenhagen I participated in a workshop at Georg Jensen's studio, years later in Italy I was very fortunate to become friends with and be taught by artist and master goldsmith Manfred Bischoff, these experiences confirmed making jewelry would be my life-long love. 

Remote destinations, off the beaten path, is where I find inspiration for new collections. When I submerse myself in the culture and natural beauty of an exceptional place --wether it be traveling to otherworldly Iceland or discovering a hidden beach on the Côte d'Azur to being mesmerized by teeny golden treasures at The MET-- I return to my studio budding with ideas. Once the ideas take form colorful gems and pearls bring them to life.'

Kimberlin's Iceland ring was juried into the permanent collection of The Museum of Arts and Design in NYC, while her sea inspired pieces have helped bring awareness to a cause important to her -- coral conservation.

The exceptional gems she acquires from around the world are ethically sourced. Kimberlin's ethos is 'Creation without Destruction.' She takes great strides in knowing how her stones are mined. Her gems are as varied in color as a coral reef including diamonds; the spectrum of sapphires; emeralds, rubies, tourmalines; boulder, matrix, fire and lightening ridge opals; labradorite and rainbow moonstones; imperial topaz; rutile quartz and Persian turquoise. Stones for her 'Sea Anemone' collections are custom cut to maximize their flash and capture light, enhancing their natural beauty. Tahitian and Japanese pearls in aubergine, gold and peacock hues are favorite iridescent center pieces. 

Featured at fine jewelry stores, boutiques and galleries her feminine, exotic pieces have garnered a coterie of private clients including Adele, Helena Christensen, Bette Midler, Whoopi Goldberg, Katie Lee and Rachel Ray. Great moments have been working with Zac Posen creating cocktails rings for his 2009 runway show in NYC; making over 30 pieces of jewelry with Iconic artist George Lois for his wife Rosie and creating a ring for renowned designer Karim Rashid using stones in his favorite color-- pink. It was an honor for her to make these pieces as it is an honor and privilege making all of her jewelry that brings happiness to the wearer. She creates timeless treasures and future heirlooms, responsibly and thoughtfully, from her studio in New York City.